Looking to make a change in your relationships? How about business? Health? You do not have to look any further.

Looking to make a change in your relationships? How about business? Health? You do not have to look any further.

If you have not heard of Spark Your Rockstar Community, you will. Carolyn Ozuna, Founder of Spark Your Rockstar, a healing company, is quickly becoming one of the most sought after healers and coaches in the self development industry. For the past 10 years, she has been mentored and working behind the scenes with some of the top healers in the industry who work with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow. She works with mostly business owners and high networth individuals who are seeking to create better relationships with themselves and their spouses. Carolyn has helped thousands of people around the world with her live in person seminars and her virtual online trainings and courses.

Most of Carolyn’s clients come from word of mouth referrals as her clients get extraordinary results. You can often find this “rockstar” in between Dr. Joseph McClendon III, who has helped over 5 million people worldwide, and Dr. Jason Ozuna who is co-founder of Spark Your Rockstar and owner of Soul Liberation Consulting, doing online calls and helping people change their lives.

Carolyn and Jason have the unique ability to isolate the patterns and pain within someone’s body and support them in releasing it. People who have worked with Carolyn and Jason have experienced profound healings in their relationships, business and health. They have held over 90 LIVE in person events and over 6000 virtual life changing healing sessions. Dr. Jason Ozuna, co leads these life changing seminars with Carolyn. They have 80 plus people from around the world flying in for an exclusive event at the end of January. They do events often and create a one of a kind healing experience for people. Most often things said about the events from the participants? “This was the best weekend of my life. Profound experience. MUST ATTEND.”

Want to see for yourself? Head on over to her website https://www.sparkyourrockstar.com/syr-live-event.html and check out the extraordinary testimonies. The world has been moving towards a holistic approach for a long time. Jason and Carolyn Ozuna are here to support that transition and create life changing experiences for their clients.


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